engage suomeksi   hyökätä, käyttää, kiehtoa, lupautua, luvata, mennä kihloihin, palkata, pantata, ryhtyä, sitoutua, työllistää, vuokrata, [[joutua]] [[taisteluun]], [[ryhtyä]] [[taisteluun]], [[vetää]] [[keskusteluun]], [[viedä]] [[mielenkiinto]], kihloissa, varattu


*: Thus shall mankind his guardian care engage.

*: the difficult task of engaging him in conversation

*: Good nature engages everybody to him.

*: a favourable opportunity of engaging the enemy

: ux|en|They were engaged last month! Theyre planning to have the wedding next year.

*: Thou that doest liue in later times, must wage / Thy workes for wealth, and life for gold engage.

: ux|en|Whenever I engage the clutch, the car stalls out.

: The teeth of one cogwheel engage those of another.

*: “[…] We are engaged in a great work, a treatise on our river fortifications, perhaps? But since when did army officers afford the luxury of amanuenses in this simple republic?nb...

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