disposition suomeksi   asemapiirustus, asetelma, asettelu, pohja, pohjapiirustus, sijoittelu, sijoitus, sommittelu, suunnittelu, taitto, hävittäminen, järjestäminen, käyttö, luokittelu, huumori, järjestely, järjestelyt p, järjestys, sommitelma, sopimus, sovinto, sovittaminen, sovitus


: ux|en|The scouts reported on the disposition of the enemy troops.

: ux|en|I have little disposition now to do as you say.

: ux|en|Salt has a disposition to dissolve in water.

: ux|en|She has a sunny disposition.

: ux|en|He has such a foul disposition.

*: He was, indeed, a lad of a remarkable disposition; sober, discreet, and pious beyond his age...

: ux|en|You will have full disposition of these funds.

: ux|en|The court ordered the disposition of all assets.

: ux|en|The disposition of the case will be announced tomorrow.

: ux|en|The patient was given a disposition for outpatient care.

: ux|en|This small harpsichord has a 1 x 4 disposition.

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