core suomeksi   kore fr, kore-veistos fr, kara en, keerna en, keskusta en, pantti en, rengasmuisti en, siemenkota en, työvuoro en, valusydän en, ydin en


: ux|en|the core of an apple or quince

: ux|en|the core of a square

: rfquotek|Sir Walter Raleigh

: ux|en|the core of a subject

: ux|en|I wanted to play a particular computer game, which required I buy a new computer, so while the game said it needed at least a dual-core processor, I wanted my computer to be a bit ahead of the curve, so I bought a quad-core.

: ux|en|a floor panel with a Nomex honeycomb core

: rfquotek|Halliwell

*: He was in a core of people.

: rfquotek|Raymond

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