conversion suomeksi   käännynnäinen fr, kääntyjä fr, palaaja fr, palata fr, palauttaa fr, palautua fr, perääntyä fr, peruuttaa fr, taantua fr, [[kääntyä]] [[takaisin]] fr, muunnos en, muuntaminen en


: His conversion to Islam

: The conversion of the database from ASCII to Unicode

*: Artificial conversion of water into ice.

*: Mike Follin ... also programmed the Spectrum version of The Sentinel (97%, Issue 40), and the excellent coin-op conversions Bubble Bobble (90%, Issue 45) and Bionic Commando (92%, Issue 53).

: the conversion of a horse

*: Or bring my action of conversion / And trover for my goods.

: the conversion of equations; the conversion of proportions

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