conduct suomeksi   hoitaa, johtaa, johtaminen, käytös, käyttäytyä, opastaa, saattaa, suorittaa, toimeenpano


*: There are other restrictions imposed upon the conduct of war, not by the law of nature primarily, but by the laws of war first, and by the law of nature as seconding and ratifying the laws of war.

*: the conduct of the state, the administration of its affairs

*: Conduct of armies is a princes art.

*: ... attacked the Spaniards ... with great impetuosity, but with so little conduct, that his forces were totally routed.

: Good conduct will be rewarded and likewise poor conduct will be punished.

*: All these difficulties were increased by the conduct of Shrewsbury.

*: What in the conduct of our life appears / So well designed, so luckily begun, / But when we have our wish, we wish undone?

*: the book of Job, in conduct and diction

*: I will be your conduct.

*: In my conduct shall your ladies come.

*: although thou hast been conduct of my chame

*: I can conduct you, lady, to a low / But loyal cottage, where you may be safe.

: to conduct the affairs of a kingdom

*: Little skilled in the art of conducting a siege.

: He conducted himself well.

*: For a while, Walter Pohlmann, a well-known German conductor, conducted the orchestra in Compound 3. Later, Willi Mets, who had conducted the world-renowned Leipzig Symphony Orchestra, conducted the Compound 3 orchestra.

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