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: ux|en|The whole comprises the parts.

: ux|en|The parts are comprised by the whole.
However, the passive voice of comprise must be employed carefully to make sense. Phrases such as "animals and cages are comprised by zoos" or "pitchers, catchers, and fielders are comprised by baseball teams" highlight the difficulty.

: ux|en|Our committee comprises a president, secretary, treasurer and five other members.

: ux|en|A team is comprised of its members.

: ux|en|The members comprise the team.

*: "Seeing then the angles comprised of equal right lines are equal, we have found the angle FDE equal to the angle ABC."

*: Three chairs of the steamer type, all maimed, comprised the furniture of this roof-garden, with (by way of local colour) on one of the copings a row of four red clay flower-pots filled with sun-baked dust from which gnarled and rusty stalks thrust themselves up like withered elfin limbs.

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