complete suomeksi   attribuutti, binäärikomplementti, kahden komplementti, komplementtiväri, määre, predikatiivi, täydennys, täydennysväri, täydentää, vastaluku, vastaväri, yhden komplementti, täydellinen, valmis


: He completed the assignment on time.

: The last chapter completes the book nicely.

: ux|en|My life will be complete once I buy this new television.

: ux|en|She offered me complete control of the project.

: ux|en|After she found the rook, the chess set was complete.

: ux|en|When your homework is complete, you can go and play with Martin.

: ux|en|He is a complete bastard!

: ux|en|It was a complete shock when he turned up on my doorstep.

: ux|en|Our vacation was a complete disaster.

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