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: He wore a gold chain around the neck.

: a chain of mountains

: a chain of ideas, one leading to the next

: This led to an unfortunate chain of events.

: That chain of restaurants is expanding into our town.

: When examined, the molecular chain included oxygen and hydrogen.

: the chains of habit

*: Driven down / To chains of darkness and the undying worm.

: rfquotek|Knight

*: How do you get one program to chain another? I want to run DrawWorks2 then !Draw but as soon as you run Drawworks2 it finishes the batch file and doesnt go on to the next instruction! Is there a way without loading one of these automatic loaders?

*: You can do LOAD "" or CHAIN "" to load or chain the next program if I remember correctly (its been a loooong time since Ive used a tape on an Acorn!)

*: Recent versions of AntiSpam no longer use the Config file but have a Settings file instead, so when I updated the Config file to chain SpamStamp it had no effect as it was a redundant file.

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