case suomeksi   desimaalipilkku fr, hetki fr, hitunen fr, ilmansuunta fr, järki fr, kärki fr, kiila fr, kunto fr, kymmenys fr, mieli fr, näkökohta fr, näyttää fr, niemenkärki fr, niemi fr, niemimaa fr, nokka fr, osoitella fr, osoittaa fr, paikka fr, piikki fr, piste fr, pistorasia fr, pointti fr, puoli fr, rahtu fr, sähköpiste fr, täplä fr, vaihde fr, vaihe fr, yksityiskohta fr, aukio fr, jäykkis fr, kohtisuora fr, konventionaalinen fr, korottaa [[neliöön]] fr, kunnollinen fr, miehusta fr, nelikulmainen fr, neliöidä fr, neliömäinen fr, noudattaa fr, oikeansuuntainen fr, ratkaista fr, risuaita fr, rööki fr, ruutu fr, selittää fr, sopusointu fr, sovittaa fr, spaddu fr, suorakulma fr, suorakulmaisesti fr, suoristaa fr, tasan fr, tasoissa fr, toinen potenssi fr, tori fr, [[asettua]] [[poikkiteloin]] fr, [[jalustaa]] [[poikittain]] fr, [[korottaa]] [[toiseen]] [[potenssiin]] fr, [[olla]] [[jonkin]] [[mukainen]] fr, [[sata]] [[neliöjalkaa]] fr, [[syöttää]] [[poikittain]], [[antaa]] [[poikittaissyöttö]] fr, aakkoslaji en, case en, kotelo en, kuori en, laukku en, matkalaukku en, oikeustapaus en, pakata en, pakkaus en, sijamuodot en p, tutkia en, vitriini en, paneeli fr, aitio fr, alasuoja fr, koiranpensas fr, koju fr, koppi fr, koteloida fr, kuskinpukki fr, laatikko fr, laatikollinen fr, loosi fr, pesä fr, puksipuu fr, telkkari fr, toosa fr, tussu fr, [[pakata]] ([[laatikkoon]] ''sg'', [[laatikoihin]] ''pl'') fr


: ux|en|For a change, in this case, he was telling the truth.

: ux|en|It is not the case that every unfamiliar phrase is an idiom.

: ux|en|In case of fire, break glass. [sign on fire extinguisher holder in public space]

*: Ne wist he how to turne, nor to what place: / Was never wretched man in such a wofull cace.

: ux|en|It was one of the detectives easiest cases.  Social workers should work on a maximum of forty active cases.  The doctor told us of an interesting case he had treated that morning.

: ux|en|The teaching consists of theory lessons and case studies.

: ux|en|The accusative case canonically indicates a direct object.  Latin has six cases, and remnants of a seventh.

*: Now, the Subject of either an indicative or a subjunctive Clause is always assigned Nominative case, as we see from:
(16) (a)   I know [that they/*them/*their leave for Hawaii tomorrow]
(16) (b)   I demand [that they/*them/*their leave for Hawaii tomorrow]
By contrast, the Subject of an infinitive Clause is assigned Objective case, as we see from:
(17)   I want [them/*they/*their to leave for Hawaii tomorrow]
And the Subject of a gerund Clause is assigned either Objective or Genitive case: cf.
(18)   I dont like the idea of [them/their/*they leaving for Hawaii tomorrow]

: ux|en|Jane has been studying case in Caucasian languages.  Latin is a language that employs case.

: ux|en|There were another five cases reported overnight.

*: Place a break statement at the end of every case to prevent case fall-through.

*: Execution does not automatically stop at the next case.

*: Casing upon the matter.

: a case for spectacles; the case of a watch

: a door case; a window case

: rfquotek|Knight

: He drew the case eight!

*: The man who, cased in steel, had passed whole days and nights in the saddle.

*: You are in the grounds of Brockholes Abbey, a house into which a great deal of valuable property has just been moved. And your job is to case the joint for a break in.

*: Bonnie worked as a daycare director. She helped case the FBI office by posing as a college student interested in becoming an FBI agent.

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