brief suomeksi   aakkonen de, kirjain de, kirje de, lyhyt en, lyhytaikainen en, muistio en, perehdyttää en


: ux|en|Her reign was brief but spectacular.

*: How brief the life of man.

: ux|en|His speech of acceptance was brief but moving.

*: The brief style is that which expresseth much in little.

: ux|en|Her skirt was extremely brief but doubtless cool.

*: On the beach he always wore a straw hat with a red band and a brief pair of leopard print trunks.

*: A written answer or any other brief shall be submitted to the court while allowing a period necessary for the opponent to make preparations with regard to the matters stated therein.

*: Bear this sealed brief, / With winged haste, to the lord marshal.

*: A survey of their follie, a briefe of their barbarisme.

*: Each woman is a brief of womankind.

: The U.S. president was briefed on the military coup and its implications on African stability.

*: Adam, faltering long, thus answered brief.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

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