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*: Historically, the courts have allowed a general average claim only where the loss occurred as a result of the ship being in immediate peril....The court awarded the carrier the general average claim. It noted that “a ship?s master should not be discouraged from taking timely action to avert a disaster,” and need not be in actual peril to claim general average.

: The average of 10, 20 and 24 is (10 + 20 + 24)/3 = 18.

: ux|en|batting average

: The average age of the participants was 18.5.

: I soon found I was only an average chess player.

*: We tend to think that exceptionally attractive men and women are outstanding but the fact is that they are more average than most.

*: Things that never would occur to more average children, with and without AD/HD, will give these children nightmares.

*: In other words, highly attractive people like highly attractive communicators and more average people like more average communicators.

: The average family will not need the more expensive features of this product.

*: The graphics, sound, and most everything else are all very average. However, the main thing that brings this game down are the controls - they feel very clumsy and awkward at times.

*: But what the vast majority of the populace doesn?t realise is the fact that he?s only on TV because he became famous from one case, Winona Ryders, which, by the way, he lost because he?s only a very average attorney.

*: In the piano stool there was a stack of music, mostly sentimental ballads intended to be sung by people with very average voices accompanied by not very competent pianists.

: If you average 10, 20 and 24, you get 18.

: The daily high temperature last month averaged 15°C.

: to average a loss

*: Gulls average much larger than terns, with stouter build ...

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