attitude suomeksi   asenne, attitude, olemus, suhtautuminen, ele, elehtiä, ilmaus, liike, asennoituminen, asento, kanta, näkökanta


: The ballet dancer walked with a graceful attitude.

: ... but had a lazy attitude to work.

: Dont give me your attitude.

: Youve got some attitude, girl!

: The airliner had to land with a nose-up attitude after the incident.

*: Blasis was a man of many accomplishments. He invented the ballet position of attitude and codified the ballet technique of that time, distinguishing three types of dancers: the serious, the demi-caractère, and the comic dancer.

*: ... nymphs of quality, formed for the offices of love and of conversation, are attituded about her, each star set as it were in surrounding satellites of admirers;...

*: Attituded like an inspired curling-tongs, leaning back heavily on his right leg, and throwing forward his left, his arm elevated to a level with his shoulder, the clenched fist grasping a brush that might have been available in ...

*: The attituded control gyro package, electronics, APS gas supply, and the preentry electronics are mounted internally, and are distributed circumferentially at the major ring.

*: He attituded his way over to me, got up close, and just stood there looking at me, trying to appear threatening.

*: The typical characteristic attituded toward the English is coldness.

*: I was really tripping, cause this nigga had the nerve to be attituded up when he was the one always doing something he had no business doing.

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