attend suomeksi   huolehtia, läsnä, olla, osallistua, pitää


*: The diligent pilot in a dangerous tempest doth not attend the unskilful words of the passenger.

: ux|en|Secretaries attend to correspondence.

: ux|en|Valets attend to their employers wardrobe.

*: The fifth had charge sick persons to attend.

*: Attends the emperor in his royal court.

*: With a sore heart and a gloomy brow, he prepared to attend William thither.

: ux|en|Children must attend primary school.

*: I attended a one-room school next door to the palace and studied English, Xhosa, history and geography.

: ux|en|a measure attended with ill effects

*: What cares must then attend the toiling swain.

*: the state that attends all men after this

*: Three days I promised to attend my doom.

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