assume suomeksi   olettaa


: ux|en|We assume that, as her parents were dentists, she knows quite a bit about dentistry.

: ux|en|Mr. Jones will assume the position of a lifeguard until a proper replacement is found.

*: Trembling they stand while Jove assumes the throne.

*: Such a scandal as the prosecution of a brother for forgery—with a verdict of guilty—is a most truly horrible, deplorable, fatal thing. It takes the respectability out of a family perhaps at a critical moment, when the family is just assuming the robes of is a black spot which all the soaps ever advertised could never wash off.

*: Assume a virtue, if you have it not.

*: ambition assuming the mask of religion.

*: The sixth was a young knight of lesser renown and lower rank, assumed into that honorable company.

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