apply suomeksi   altistaa, asettaa, hakea, herkistää, kääntyä jonkun puoleen, käyttää, koskea, levittää, panna, soveltaa, uskoutua


*: Yet God at last To Satan, first in sin, his doom applied.

*: Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge.

*: sacred vows ... applied to grisly Pluto

*: I applied myself to him for help.

: I recently applied to the tavern for a job as a bartender.

: Most of the colleges she applied to were ones she thought she had a good chance of getting into.

: Many of them dont know it, but almost a third of the inmates are eligible to apply for parole or work-release programs.

: That rule only applies to foreigners.

*: She was skillful in applying his humours.

*: His armour was so clear, / And he applied each place so fast, that like a lightning thrown / Out of the shield of Jupiter, in every eye he shone.Webster 1913

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