appearance suomeksi   ilmaantuminen, ilmestyminen, julkiasu, ulkomuoto, ulkonäkö


: ux|en|His sudden appearance surprised me.

: ux|en|There was a strange appearance in the sky.

*: And now am come to see . . . It thy appearance answer loud report.

: ux|en|Some people say Im shallow because I care so much about my appearance.

*: There was upon the tabernacle, as it were, the appearance of fire.

*: For man looketh on the outward appearance.

*: Judge not according to the appearance.

: ux|en|A person makes his appearance as an historian, an artist, or an orator.

: ux|en|David Beckhams first appearance with the LA Galaxy at Giants Stadium against the New York Red Bulls last night drew a crowd of 66237.

*: Will he now retire, After appearance, and again prolong Our expectation?

: ux|en|The patient had a small bowel obstruction and there was no appearance until after the obstruction resolved.

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