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*: How many things have men found out to the amazing of one another, to the wonderment of one another, to the begetting of endless commendations of one another in the world

*: Fancies to be persuaded of the confused Articulation of Multitudes met as in a Fair, conversing and making a chattering, to the amazing of them all.

*: Amazing is judged relative what already exists, and Quake has the best underwater effects so far.

*: Reality, especially Gods Reality is amazing. For instance that there is something rather than nothing is amazing. [...] Amazing is amazing.

*: The amazing is happening.

*: All that is impossibly amazing is considered nothing, and the impossibly amazing is considered normal.

*: The amazing is that, in EXACTLY the same situation, the demo2 doesnt show this problem.

*: Everything that amazes has its method, until we notice that the amazing is not amazing, has no method.

*: Sheffield is an amazing athlete, how much of the amazing is provided from the Chemlab.

*: Cool! Of course 99% of the amazing is due to the "powered by TiddlyWiki" part of MonkeyGTD.. :)

*: "Running a marathon is definitely an amazing experience."

*: "I think it was pretty amazing that he picked our school out of a lot of schools to come speak to us about what he has done, and what our country has done, to help us gain our freedom," Mucci said, “sitting next to him was amazing.”

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