agenda suomeksi   asialista, esityslista, aikataulu, ajanlasku, almanakka, kalenteri, luettelo, ohjelma, toimintakalenteri, järjestäjä, kämmentietokone, organisaattori, organisoija, puuhamies


*: Where the Joker preys on our fears of random, irrational acts of terror, Bane has an all-consuming, dictatorial agenda that’s more stable and permanent, a New World Order that’s been planned out with the precision of a military coup.

*: A homework agenda, sometimes called a student planner, is a notebook often used to help your child keep track of daily homework assignments.

*: It may be better to simply buy an agenda at the drug store for five dollars, but you need to keep this stuff accurate.

*: The children will use an agenda book that the school provides to organize their homework information. Before leaving for home, the children will neatly write their assignments and related directions in their agendas.

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