advise suomeksi   neuvoa


: The dentist advised brushing three times a day.

*: Of those current smokers who had seen a physician within the last year, 35.7% of the males and 27.6% of the females reported never having been advised to stop smoking by their physician.

: We were advised of the risk.

: The lawyer advised me to drop the case, since there was no chance of winning.

*: ... [[:w:Samson of Tottington|Samson]] is reported to [[:w:Henry II of England|the King]] accordingly. His Majesty, advising of it for a moment, orders that Samson be brought in with the other Twelve.

*: when that villain he auizd, which late / Affrighted had the fairest Florimell, / Full of fiers fury, and indignant hate, / To him he turned ...

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