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: to keep ones account at the bank.

: No satisfactory account has been given of these phenomena.

: on no account

: on every account

: on all accounts

*: ...who evidently a glutton for work, it struck him, was having a quiet forty winks for all intents and purposes on his own private account while Dublin slept.

: An account of a battle.

*: In a lapidary style, Qiu Dongping clearly and forcefully describes battlefield actions with simple sentences, giving a blow-by-blow account of successive events with neither understatement nor exaggeration.

: Ive opened an account with Wikipedia so that I can contribute and partake in the project.

*: The Pagan Hercules, why was he accounted a hero?

*: Accounting that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead; from whence also he received him in a figure.

: An officer must account with or to the treasurer for money received.

: We must account for the use of our opportunities.

: Idleness accounts for poverty.

: After the crash, not all passengers were accounted for.

*: neither the motion of the Moon, whereby moneths are computed; nor of the Sun, whereby years are accounted, consisteth of whole numbers, but admits of fractions, and broken parts, as we have already declared concerning the Moon.

*: Long worke it were / Here to account the endlesse progeny / Of all the weeds that bud and blossome there [...].

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