abandon suomeksi   ajaa pois, alistaa, antautua, huolettomuus, hylätä, jättää heitteille, luopua, luovuttaa, riehakkuus, holtittomuus, hylkääminen, lakkauttaminen, luopuminen, luovuttaminen, luovutus, palauttaminen, palautus


*: He abandoned himself ... to his favourite vice.

*: Hope was overthrown, yet could not be abandoned.

: Many baby girls have been abandoned on the streets of Beijing.

*: Being all this time abandoned from your bed.

*: that he might ... abandon them from him

*: I envy those chroniclers who assert with reckless but sincere abandon: I was there. I saw it happen. It happened thus.

*: They needed to have an abandon in their performance that you just can’t get out of people in the middle of the night when they’re barefoot.

*: His ribbes and scholder fel adoun,/Men might se the liver abandoun.

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